Western Founders Network

VP Design, Apr. 2018 - Apr. 2019

About Western Founders Network

Founders Network is a community of creatives and innovators. Wielding the forces of technology, business, and entrepreneurship, our members challenge the status quo and work to build the future. We serve as a cornerstone to the technology and business community, while arming our members with new tools and frameworks of thought necessary to succeed.

Director of Marketing, Graphic Design

I first joined Founders Network in September of 2017, where I was responsible for I creating posters, Facebook event banners, and information packages for our internal events and conferences. I worked closely with the Future View team (a full day conference on the future of modern technology) to rebrand outgoing marketing materials including sponsorship, workshop, and speaker packages.

Vice President of Design

I served as VP of Design for the club during the 2018-2019 school year. I was responsible for maintaining the club's brand image, coordinating outgoing creative content, managing a team of directors, and overall striving to building a design community at Western. Some of the initiatives I spearheaded include:

My Work

A collection of the graphics I made during my two years on the club: