Boys and Girls Club

Ivey Fintech Innovation Team


Boys and Girls Club (BGC) is Canada’s largest child- and youth-serving agency with a mission to provide safe, supportive places where children and youth can experience new opportunities, overcome barriers, build positive relationships, and develop confidence and skills for life. The London, Ontario chapter is a community organization that provides activities for children and youth whenever school is out, and during the day for older adults 55 and over. Many of their members get involved and benefit from the development opportunities, working to build leadership skills and gain practical work experience.

Project and Role

The Ivey Fintech Club is Canada’s largest fintech student organization. The Innovation portfolio has a mandate to build original technology projects from scratch for the Western University and surrounding London community. This year, the club partnered with BGC London to help digitize their event signup and management system. In the current state, PDF forms are used, and event attendance and rewards points are tracked by hand; however, COVID-19 forced the organization to find new ways to operate, which led to the partnership with Ivey Fintech Club.

The team comprised of six Western students in various years studying Computer Science and Software Engineering. I served as a Product and UI/UX Designer and Front-end Developer for both the client and admin applications.

Client Application

The functional requirements for the system were determined on the organization side. This included requests for the app to have pages for opportunities, calendar, and profile, which displays users’ badges/certificates, skills, volunteer hours, and reward points. Once these requirements were understood, I worked to design both a mobile and desktop view of the application.

Admin Application

For admins, the primary focus was to enable C.R.U.D. (create, read, update, delete) operations events and attendees. Given the large attendance ranges for events, it was also important for admins to be able to search through and bulk approve / remove attendees. Another requested feature was the ability for admins to override statistics and contact details for users. With this information in mind, I created desktop mock-ups for this application – it was determined that admins most likely would not be performing these tasks on a mobile device.

Unfortunately the code repository is private at the moment, but some of the components I built were the navigation and routing (mobile and desktop friendly), “My Activities” page, and admin dashboard landing page.


This was the first time I worked in a software development team outside of school projects and hackathons. This meat it was also the first time real users would be implicated – which is both intimidating, but also very fulfilling! I learned a lot about React, change management, and leveraging component-based design for efficient hand-off to engineering.